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Ned devises a plan to foil Superintendent Hare.

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After clashing with a local copper, he goes on the run. The supporting cast is just as good with Orlando Bloom playing Kelly's best friend Steve along with Naomi Watt's as Kelly's love interest but I wouldn't even call her that as she's not even in it. End Credits. Heath Ledger is an attractive, rather subdued Kelly and Geoffrey Rush as his nemesis, Superintendent Hare, merely has to narrow his eyes, move with martial authority and exude menace. The sentiments undergirding ''Ned Kelly'' are undeniably noble, and it is touching to see so many of the Australian actors who have lately conquered Hollywood standing tall on native soil. Sign in to vote. And there is some impressive action, albeit great scenes rather than sequences: a dragged-up Bloom seeking revenge against his betrayer; a witty robbery in which thief and victims are schoolfriends; and a bloody, Butch Cassidy-style denouement. It's goes down in the books of films that could have been so much more and even though this is still a very good film, it had the opportunity to be a masterpiece but if only the script was up to the task there would be a lot more people talking about this story.

The Police Royal Commission in found police "did violence to people's ideas of the liberty of the subject A bit like Australia. To the leaderless selectors in North-east Victoria, Ned Kelly opposed the squatters who attempted to drive them from their lands through the misuse of corrupt shire officers, the courts and police.

Running time: minutes.

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There is a potent national epic struggling to find expression here, but this movie is too rushed and fragmented to do it justice. The most annoying of these is a romantic subplot involving Naomi Watts' married mistress, which wastes her talent and waylays the action.

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Heath Ledger's Ned Kelly is an uninspiring portrayal of a man who held the loyalty and support of the selectors throughout North-eastern Victoria.

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