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Then again, it does want her dead, though there's no hint it wants her because she can shine. One of them is that you are the only responsible person left in this grotesque pile.

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Maybe the Overlook doesn't bother Wendy because she can't shine, meaning, she can't perceive what's going on in the hotel most of the time, so she can keep her wits about her in ways Jack can't. Although she doesn't seem to have supernatural perception, her ability to believe in such things contributes to her survival. They fall in love, and love saves him. The last scene of the movie filmed, I have been told, at Peter Helfgott's actual grave tries to acknowledge some of these truths: Peter is a man whose life inflicted great damage, not least upon himself. Like Jack and Danny, Wendy thinks of the Overlook as their last chance for success as a family. She doesn't come up with any solutions in her musing, but she does see the truth, whether she shines or not. His sad and nervous eyes, sheltered behind thick black frames, are one of the images that linger. What Saves Wendy from Redrum? Then again, it does want her dead, though there's no hint it wants her because she can shine.

Drenched from the rain, with a cigarette drooping from his mouth as he giggles and gabs at a million miles an hour, they watched in awe as Geoffrey Rush transformed before their eyes. We are told that, "The words stunned her so completely that she made no effort to move when he let go of her ankle […]" In the next scene, Peter slams the Helfgott kitchen table and tells David a story about when he was a child and saved up to buy a beautiful violin.

There he is happy for a time, but during a performance of the formidable Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.

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