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The move was the first military action beyond the LoC since it was created as a de-facto ceasefire line after the third Indo—Pakistan war inand contributed to the sudden escalation between the two nuclear powers.

After both the withdrawals were completed, a plebiscite would be held.

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Watch video About 30, infiltrators are estimated to have been dispatched in August as part of the 'Operation Gibraltar'. The airstrikes boost Modi's image as being strong on defense, and his backers are already seizing on the developments. Indian sources said that just one Pakistani jet and one Indian jet had been downed, and an Indian pilot taken hostage by Pakistan. Pakistan also tacitly supports the operations in Kashmir of non-Kashmiri extremist groups like Jaish-e-Muhammad. India-Pakistan rivalry: Kashmiris pay a high price A bitter conflict Since , Muslim insurgents have been fighting Indian forces in the Indian-administered part of Kashmir - a region of 12 million people, about 70 percent of whom are Muslim. In addition to an entrenched historical conflict, Kashmir has taken on greater significance due to contemporary political events. Under the hasty terms of partition, more than princely states within colonial India that were not directly governed by Britain could decide to join either new nation or remain independent. India-Pakistan rivalry: Kashmiris pay a high price India drops bombs inside Pakistan The Pakistani military has released this image to show that Indian warplanes struck inside Pakistani territory for the first time since the countries went to war in The Maharaja made an urgent plea to Delhi for military assistance. Predominantly Hindu India and Muslim-majority Pakistan have fought three wars since , when the two nuclear powers both gained independence from the UK, and came close to another in More on NYTimes. This remains the local tradition and Kashyapa is connected with the draining of the lake [28] in traditional histories. On Feb. India and Pakistan both tested nuclear devices in May , and then in April test-fired missiles in efforts to perfect delivery systems for their nuclear weapons.

The deadlock was broken in a personal meeting between the Prime Ministers Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Indira Gandhiwhere Bhutto acknowledged that the Kashmir issue should be finally resolved and removed as a hurdle in India-Pakistan relations; that the cease-fire line, to be renamed the Line of Controlcould be gradually converted into a de jure border between India and Pakistan; and that he would take steps to integrate the Pakistani-controlled portions of Jammu and Kashmir into the federal territories of Pakistan.

Reportedly Bhutto asked for time to prepare the people of Pakistan and the National Assembly for a final settlement.

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Continue Reading. India ordered the jets not to stray into Pakistani territory; but those that did were shot down. They resolved to try to end the dispute, but the death of Mr Shastri and the rise of Gen Yahya Khan in Pakistan resulted in stalemate.

Yet this, by all accounts of soldiers and top Indian army officers involved, was a war in which India lost men engaged in hand-to-hand combat with Pakistani soldiers in the heights of Kargil - a war that could be compared with the one ofwhich was limited to Kashmir, with the other border regions remaining peaceful.

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The Kashmir conflict: How did it start?