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Research and conservation[ edit ] Africa[ edit ] The NC Zoo is involved in several research and conservation projects.

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Reynolds Forest Aviary recreates the hot, humid conditions of a tropical forest. He lived there until his death in from a heart attack. There is no additional fee if you would like to have the party for more than one person.

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Our Animal Ambassadors include blue-tongued skink, prairie dogs, skunk, African pygmy hedgehog, barred owl, red-tailed hawk, tiger salamander, cane toad, box turtle, an assortment of snakes and large insects. Where is the birthday party held? This minor is available to all undergraduates except those majoring in biochemistry, biological sciences any concentration , environmental science ecology concentration , fisheries and wildlife, microbiology, plant biology or zoology. Is there a place I can store my cake or presents before or after the party? It receives around 60 percent from the state with the remainder being made up of ticket and merchandise sales and donations from the North Carolina Zoological Society, which remains the zoo's fund-raising and membership arm. Cancellations made less than two weeks from the birthday party fee will not receive a refund in any amount. Changes to and cancellations are allowed up to two weeks of the birthday party date. What happens if it rains? The Forensic Science Minor is available to undergraduates majoring in any field but might be most appropriate for students majoring or planning to pursue advanced studies in the sciences or in science education. Members must be included in count. Since , the aviary has also been home to four species of poison dart frogs. Here is a rough agenda, keeping in mind that every group is a little different: Front Porch Free Play with Bubbles, Hula Hoops and Animal Ring Toss, for about 15 minutes Themed Education Program, for about minutes Animal Ambassador Encounter, for about minutes Cake, ice cream, popcorn and pink lemonade for about minutes Time for presents parent-led , for about 15 minutes Children can also color on kraft paper a birthday banner and listen to birthday party music The North Carolina Zoo Hippos can be seen in an aquarium.

This minor benefits students who want to deepen their understanding of basic cellular processes or learn more about the role of microorganisms in industry, agriculture or health. Chimpanzees, lions, western lowland gorillared river hogs mandrills and one of the largest baboon troops in the country each have their own exhibit in the African half of the zoo.

Few predators have got withstood three centuries of settlement in North America.

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It is home to Indian peafowl and Green peafowl that are loose in the Aviary , and it is home to the largest collection of chimpanzees of any zoo in America [15] as well as the largest collection of Alaskan seabirds in the country. Who will be the prominent in the group of Patas monkeys? There is no additional fee if you would like to have the party for more than one person. Changes to and cancellations are allowed up to two weeks of the birthday party date. What sets the North American Riv Otter's perspective apart from the many land animals? The final North America exhibit opened in What function, besides hearing the actual African Elephant's ears provide? If you are unsure, please check the website and the front page will advertise closures. Helium balloons are NOT allowed.

The second, "The Elephant Group" depicts several large elephants in bronze.

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