Causes of discipline problems in schools essay

At the heart of the restorative justice process, according to a New York Times article, is relationship building and problem solving: "It encourages young people to come up with meaningful reparations for their wrongdoing while challenging them to develop empathy for one another through 'talking circles' led by facilitators.

The learners become careless about observing school policies and regulations.

Indiscipline in school causes and remedies

The teacher who is suffering from chronic disease, for instance, asthma or ulcers might be late or absent very often. Teenagers that have parents having divorce, teenagers having a single parent, teenagers with economic problem or any family issues mostly gain a lot of tension and stress sometimes mix with depressed and frustrated because they feel that their family is not perfect and some might feel that they are the cause of their parent's divorcement. I remember coming to the realization long ago that I had a tendency to call on certain students more frequently than others, or would simply let those whose hands shot up get too much airtime. Dirty comfort rooms, poor facilities and inadequate and obsolete textbooks and learning devices can contribute to behavioral problems. Students are more concerned fore basic security needs than for learning. They did not concentrate on their studies. They said they had left because student discipline was such a challenge. Poor mental health, emotional immaturity, irresponsibility, poor home environment, lack of interest in school activities and unreasonably obstinate or stubborn are common causes of disciplinary problems, habitual truancy lying, cheating, stealing, vandalism, resistance to school rules and regulations, disrespect or discourtesy and other undesirable behavior may be the results of poor home environment and social training. These problems may occur because the teachers don't care about them. To me, it's obvious that there are some serious flaws with the status quo. Some learners may have poor visions, difficulty in hearing, cripple, or hunch back. Clean and beautiful surroundings inevitably evoke and stimulate pleasant thoughts and beautiful ideas.

I remember being conned into favors by year-olds, making bargains with students who wanted to be let off the hook for various disruptions. Students are told the rules, the consequences, what to do, when to talk. For many "old-school" teachers and parents who grew up in an age of greater conformity and fear-based authority, the culture of our schools is in dire straits because they believe there is not enough discipline.

Other than that, discipline motivates children to behave well in order to be praised by society for their well-being. The causes are categorized into two parts, which are the out-of-school causes and the in-school causes.

indiscipline in schools essay

Using longitudinal data from elementary and secondary schools, analyses indicate that regardless of schools prior rates of discipline, the more family and community involvement activities were implemented, the fewer students were disciplined by being sent to principals offices or given detention or in-school suspension.

A teacher who has a comprehensive and accurate grasp of the subject matter and is able to relate to other fields of knowledge and integrate with relevant and real-life situation, need not worry about disciplinary problems.

However, there are discipline problem that becomes the obstacle to the peace of the institution.

ways to solve discipline problem in school

The teacher's personality has bearing upon the learners which stem from two aspects - the teacher's personal characteristics and his scholastic qualifications.

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Discipline Problem Among School Students(1)