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When we look at what typical Chinese parents usually do, it is not surprising that their children's leisure time is mostly used up for attending after-school tutorial classes, music classes, swimming competitions, and many more learning activities.

Having confirmed with his fifth grade homeroom teacher at American School here in New Delhi about the book's appropriateness, I let him borrow my book.

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Western mothers or Western literature on the subject, on the other hand, believe in the importance of childhood in itself and the process of learning, while recognizing the purpose in free play and other developmentally appropriate activities. The book is one of a kind. What about self-esteem? However, is it really necessary to push the children to an edge that they are only allowed to do things other than learning, learning, and learning? How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Although Chua argues in favor of the Chinese parenting style, she is merely stating the differences between the two approaches and the one she prefers. Mom was twenty eight years old when she started smoking crack cocaine. This is because when many other Chinese students are working like what is illustrated above, it is normal that Tiger Mom does not want her daughters to get eliminated by the more and more competitive world. My mom looked at the puppy surprised. Third, Chua has genuine faith in her daughters' potentials and possibilities and allowed them to stretch as much as she could push. You may also have an interview with the secondary students there.

We all have done something we wish we would have done differently when the matter comes down to parenting. But behind the other door awaited a lovely maid who would, come forth and be married at once.

Tiger mothers work in conjunction with their… Words - Pages 3 Tiger Essays to the tiger or to the lady. Once my mom got home I approached her with the puppy in my arms. My mom looked at the puppy surprised. I can assure you that almost everyone has attained a certain grade certificate in a music exam already.

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Tiger Mom is an extreme case here, and I do not blame her for doing so. As to me, telling about my parenting as vividly as Chua would be as embarrassing as being naked; it reveals who I really am. I didn't really know what to think when I found out that she was going to rehab and using drugs. In turn, childhood is seen as a preparation period for adulthood to instill the virtue of hard work and respect for the authority figures, and should not be wasted by engaging in the activities that would be of no use. For instance, schoolchildren should be given time to relax. Enjoy reading! A Western mom's children can have fun life for 20 years, but may have a bad life afterwards. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with this website. Then, what made my son say that we are alike? I will also tell you my thoughts and how I would answer this question. How to cite this page Choose cite format:.

Behind one of the identical doors lurked a ferocious tiger that would leap out and devour the accused. I was very nervous to ask him.

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For instance, schoolchildren should be given time to relax.

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Essay: Tiger Mom, Crouching Child: A View from Asia