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This is an assignment idea from Harris Sondak of the University of Utah, a friend of a friend who was kind enough to talk with me about his teaching techniques and syllabus when I first started teaching ethics in a business school. For thousands of years philosophers have developed the field of secular ethics.

Finally, there is a public interest in teaching ethics.

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Larry Hinman, Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Values Institute at the University of San Diego, explains that ethics in a secular context has to do with what people have in common in terms of humanity. It requires a whole range of important personal qualities and a proper mode of behavior, which makes teaching ethics a necessary prerequisite. People who hire and supervise others in the real world are desperate to hire people — our graduates — who have the "whole package": substantive knowledge plus "soft" skills basic responsibility, working well with others, ethics, etc. They must be able to provide a personal example of a professional who is able to comply with the norms of the society being polite, tolerant, feeling deep respect to the audience and perceiving students as partners in the educational process, rather than objects of influence. Teaching Ethics Although a career in teaching can be extremely rewarding and enjoyable, it is a demanding professional activity, which cannot be confined to the deep knowledge of the subject and teaching methodology. One plausible explanation for this is that traditionally ethics was conceived of as a set of sacred rules and admonitions. It helps the people recognize as to what is right and what is wrong and encourages them to behave the right way. The first reason to teach ethics is to help us reflect on the moral dimensions of the decisions we make. An embarrassing one? They constantly judge others based on their behaviour.

If a teacher is verbally abusive, Weinstein says, the ethical teacher will stick his neck out and get involved. What is more central to that than helping students explore questions about and learn to use responsibly the knowledge we are conveying? Articulate one of the lessons that govern your professional life.

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For instance, one might think that our intentions matter morally Kantianismor that only consequences do consequentialism. But we will all be faced with moral decisions.

This system has basically been put in place so that people know how to act right and maintain peace and harmony in the society. In addition to this there are no rules and standard definition of the concept. Out of a desire for religious neutrality, government schools shied away from teaching ethics.

Even if this person is not harming anyone or is not doing anything wrong he would still be considered one with low morals. Therefore, using the Ethics of Care framework, this solution would not allow Mrs.

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Ethics in Education