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Despite technological advancements and social change, humans still seek compassion and community. Politics : suggestive of various ways in which contemporary political and social issues emerge within the novel. Truth : involving not just candor but the problematics of fiction.

On the surface, the novel provides such sensations of fear through its premise—the exploits of a murderous reanimated corpse.

If only Victor's dad had taken the time to explain why Agrippa wasn't worth reading instead of just muttering about the trash kids these days read, maybe the whole tragedy would have been averted.

Made by The Farm on the Gold Coast in collaboration with Perth based Co3 Australia and Bleach FestivalFrank Enstein is an innovative re-telling of the classic story focussing on relationship, connection, care, and self-acceptance.

Only after experiencing their cruelty does the Creature become a monster, exacting revenge on those who refused to give him a chance. The dread we feel, Freud claims, links to fears we have of being alone.

Frankenstein analysis

Truth : involving not just candor but the problematics of fiction. The one nice family we see ends up exiled in a cottage in the middle of the woods. But does it also have meaning in the sense that William is Victor's brother? Justine Moritz, the orphan nanny, is framed for his death and later hanged for the alleged crime. Tragically, the Creature soon learns to fear humans, who, terrified by his appearance, drive him away with stones and never come to understand his true identity. Frankenstein describes him as a generous, kind man who lives for passionate adventure and whose ambition in life is to do good. Family -- Son : the role and responsibilities of male children in the novel. Such fears, he argues, have their roots in infancy and manifest as fears of silence, solitude and darkness. Gender Roles : how one fulfills or departs from stereotyped expectations of the male or female. Told from the perspective of Victor Frankenstein, the scientist who creates the creature he then recoils from in horror, Victor is the father who abandons his offspring. Female Friendship : the value of bonding among women. Madness : the novel implicitly questions what is to be construed as sane behavior, particularly in the character of Victor Frankenstein. Driven by his isolation and misery, the creature turns to violence.

Continue Reading. Duty : both one's sense of obligation to one's fellow beings and one's sense of responsibility for oneself. Would the action have held different significance if he were writing to his wife or a friend? Destiny : or fate, or necessity; both as it may be self-energized or seen as an external force in control of the self.

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As this excerpt shows, the epistolary form allows Shelley to draw particular attention to the family bonds from which Walter has been temporarily removed by his travels.

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Frankenstein Theme of Family