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Piskunova explained that, because of the collapsed international coltan market, prices for the mineral in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo had dropped dramatically.

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The Constitution distinguishes between organic laws and ordinary laws. The Panel has learned that this purported buyout never happened. Two activists who police arrested in Goma on Monday while encouraging people to join the planned protests were still in detention. The cloths that were once manufactured at the Kisangani Sotexki factory and renowned for their quality no longer compete with the cheaper imports, and the result is that the Sotexki labour force, once 2,, now stands at The Panel has confirmed, independently of Mr. The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs estimated that 1. Nowhere has the mismanagement of abundant resources manifested itself more visibly than in the DRC. Trinity investment also works with another front company under the name of Sagricof to fraudulently evacuate wood from North Kivu and the Ituri area. Uganda has recently agreed to withdraw all UPDF troops except for a reinforced battalion in Bunia and a small number of units on the slopes of the Ruwenzori Mountains. For solid reforms, an international diplomatic effort must accompany unbiased monitoring of trade activities in the region.

Oryx employees said they were asked to pay Mr. The departure of their forces will do little to reduce economic control, or the means of achieving it, since the use of national armies is only one among many means for exercising it.

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As Hutus fled into eastern areas of the Congo, refugee camps were penetrated by Interahamwe Hutu militants that carried out the mass-murder of Tutsis. Eagle Wings has no operations in Mozambique.

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Articles 9 and 10 of the Constitution and criminal laws provide the accused with safeguards throughout the criminal justice process. However, if this rebel activity continues, terror and corruption will only embed themselves deeper in the region.

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Throughout its work, the Panel has paid close attention to the evolution of the peace process in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as that in neighbouring Burundi. Africa houses 80 percent of the world's coltan, the vast majority of which is thought to be located in the eastern provinces of the DRC. The Uganda People's Defence Forces continue to provoke ethnic conflict, as in the past, clearly cognizant that the unrest in Ituri will require the continuing presence of a minimum of UPDF personnel. Teams of local diggers remove lumps of stone, threaded with veins of gold from grooves hand-cut into the hillsides. This degree of armed conflict undermines local authority and encourages an abusive social environment. Starck, based in Germany and a subsidiary of the transnational corporation Bayer AG, purchases about 15 per cent of Eagle Wings coltan. The Congo Desk gave Aziz Nassour the first monopoly. And in the eastern provinces of Ituri and Kivu, despite the presence of UN forces, tens of thousands of armed men continue to live by holding local populations to ransom. The application of international law is rare; still, military courts have relied on article to apply international law in a handful of recent cases. Meanwhile, there has been no independent oversight or audit of the ongoing voter registration process. Prefinancing arrangements involve the payment by an importer of discounted tax payments in exchange for a financial payment to an authorizing rebel politician or administrator.

Other companies, including American-based Kemet, the world's largest maker of tantalum capacitors, have specifically requested certification that the coltan they purchase is not from the Congo or bordering countries.

After investment, mining, labor and forestry inthe Congolese government pressed on with the liberalization of the energy and insurance sectors in They founded kingdoms and empires, including the Kongo, Kuba, Lunda, and Luba kingdoms.

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Trinity investment also works with another front company under the name of Sagricof to fraudulently evacuate wood from North Kivu and the Ituri area.

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Democratic Republic of Congo in Crisis