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The best experiences consisted of learning activities which were interesting, related class topics to students' lives and experiences, welcomed class discussion, encouraged independent action and were part of real life situations. Students can also watch videos created by their teachers, conduct online research to learn more about a concept taught in a class, or use tablets to record scientific observations in a natural environment—among countless other possible options and scenarios. Burns States, 'Punishment, on the other hand, weakens a behaviour because a negative condition is introduced or experienced as a consequence of the behaviour and teaches the individual not to repeat the behaviour which was negatively reinforced' Oxford Brookes University, Burns, R, The adult learner at work Business and Professional Publishing, Sydney, In balance, I feel that the effects of my good and bad learning experiences has enabled be to differentiate between the two and ironically has been an experience to discover and explore more meaningful, professional and academic strategies to my further learning. Alphabetical Search. With regards to this analysis I will identify experiences related to learning based on good and substandard experiences. The first condition for efficient and effective learning is contiguity that is almost simultaneous occurrence of links in a chain reaction so that each part of the chain is linked. They were there to talk things over, commiserate, give advice, and offer perspective. Like their younger cohorts, these adults appreciated instructors who displayed enthusiasm, stimulated interest, and provided clear, well-prepared, well-organised courses.

However, when I shifted my thinking to my best learning experience, a recent one came to mind very quickly. The generalisability of these findings to instructors of adult learners needs to be established, however.

Students can email, chat, or have video conversations with teachers, and they can use online course-management systems to organize and exchange learning materials e. Belenky, Clinchy, Goldberger, and Tarule9 contributed a new set of perspectives with their investigations of women's relational and collaborative ways of knowing.

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Results Table 1 identifies items which significantly differentiated the best and the worst learning experience for adults in this study. Facilitating adult learning. We would come in, sit down, and the teacher would go around and check our homework to see if it was done.

Adult Graduate Student Voices: Good and Bad Learning Experiences Reiff, Marianne; Ballin, Amy Adult Learningv27 n2 p May During their master's degree work, cohorts of adult graduate students participated in a common learning task in which they listed their factors of good and bad learning experiences.

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The lead author collected these factors from students over the course of 3 years. I found the development of my driving skill achieved primarily through kinaesthetic learning and the practical application of motor skills. Since these adults also indicated instructional preferences which were not usually identified by traditional age learners, e. Data were analysed using stepwise discriminant regression procedures. Last accessed 14th May Within the learning environment there was evidence of conflicts of human personality. Every aspect that I liked of the classroom and project that was involved in my best learning experience is the exact opposite of what was involved in my worst learning experience. I felt discouraged, disinterested, and disappointed in what seemed like the lack of effort put in by the teacher. He stated a teachers need to identify what learning they wish to take place and select reinforces which will help to maintain the desired effects and behaviour. These adults also noted that the best environments did not devalue students on the basis of gender and were free of distractions and interruptions. After review by a panel of nationally recognised adult learning researchers and several pilot tests, the questionnaire was revised to include Likert scale items 74 relating to the worst experience and an identical 74 relating to the best experience. There was much use of positive reinforcement as advocated Skinner, 'Skinner plays great importance on operant conditioning where an operant is a serious of actions which a learner completes through reinforcement of the learning, the learning qualities becomes greater. Similarly, accommodators represent a minority opinion about teacher emphases on discussing current developments. The questionnaire had five identical item sections for describing best and worst experiences in a formal classroom.

With regards to my positive experience I feel I have sufficient evidence to qualify this as a good experience in which by my driving instructor analysed these skills and emphasised the aims and objectives of each lesson prior to me embarking on it.

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The best and worst classroom learning experiences of adult learners