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best writing apps for ipad pro

Later, when writing a newsletter or article in Google Docs, drag that clipping with a citation into your document. The app can be synchronized between all the modern devices that exist today. By default, it is compatible with both the iPad and iPhone.

Filters are kind of like Smart Folders in Apple Mail and allow you to create living folders that have content in them based on specific criteria. Of course, all the produced texts can be saved and opened in any other word processor.

best app for writing a book

Whether it be a phrase, a character, a setting, or whatever, everything you write starts with a single idea. The design should be as minimal as possible so as not to be distracting, therefore making the features that are not included in a pro writing app just as important as the ones that are.

Of all the note-taking apps I tried, Penultimate offers the best balance of features, simplicity, and elegance -- and the app was purchased by Evernote, so it integrates nicely.

best novel writing app for ipad
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Top 11 Writing Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)