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This can severely impact your chance for being selected. Can you teach a section of creative writing? Classmates would leave helpful feedback, but it pissed me off because I knew what they were going to say before they said it — I was leaving holes in stories and knew it. Rather, this is the part where you get a chance to display your skill and flexibility as a writer. Research Volunteer Opportunities Degrees have little traction beyond the confines of academia. There are notable exceptions to this rule, Haruki Murakami being one. When I was working on my MFA between and , I understood that if I wanted any of the work I was doing to ever be published, I'd better listen to my faculty advisers. Nature of the program: Do you want a leisurely experience, one that might last for some years, during which you might discover yourself as a writer and find a spouse ; or would you prefer an intense, rigorous, and even scholarly program? The quality of the faculty. It takes luck, putting in the work you finished your first draft … now the real fun begins , and someone as crazy as you to appreciate your writing an agent. Students who claimed to enjoy "all sorts" of books were invariably the ones with the most limited taste. I can certainly speak to this. By Laura I. A piece with literary quality inspires the reader to keep reading.

Every poem or short story or excerpt should be able to demonstrate your skill and promise. Wendell Mayo Bowling Green State University in Ohio Choose a program with professors whose work you love, though certainly be open to aesthetic diversity. Make a reading list that includes some titles from your future instructors.

With multiple applicants for each spot, selection committees can afford to be choosy.

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Infinite Jest, , and Gravity's Rainbow, I told him, almost as a joke. Try to provide at least the drafts if timing does not allow, so they too know why you want to go there and can reference it while praising your good qualities. Will your dream program allow you to teach and edit? So volunteer! Instead of spending the time to really dive into a story and let it create itself and live, I would rush through it and turn in a first draft. No program is right for everyone. Not every program suits every writer.

It takes luck, putting in the work you finished your first draft … now the real fun beginsand someone as crazy as you to appreciate your writing an agent. If not, a low-residency MFA program might be the best choice.

On a related note: Students who ask if they're "real writers," simply by asking that question, prove that they are not.

They can give you the lowdown on the tone of the workshops and the atmosphere of the program. You want to start with your absolute best writing, and you may not always know which that is.

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Make sure they are a best fit for you before putting in your time and effort on the application.

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5 Uncommon Tips on Your MFA Creative Writing Application