Microsoft definitely the top operating system

Please let us know your views also on this subject. Windows code would be freely available, but so many of the world's businesses would still need a vendor who can package, distribute, and update the OS.

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It's an open source tool, which means it's typically used alongside other open source software. The tech world has changed in enormous ways.

List features which you expect from an operating system. On the other side, Open Source operating systems have a comparatively smaller user base and hence only some manufacturers support their hardware in Open Source operating systems like Linux. And if the OS is more widely used, that means a bigger audience for the Microsoft applications that run on Windows.

Share your voice. This can be a great way to quickly test out if you like a distro without having to commit to it.

Best operating system for programming

My wallpaper, histories, bookmarks, application data and much more data automatically transferred between my desktop and laptop which turned out to be really nice. Chef is a tool that helps tech geeks setup and operate the many machines needed to drive a website, smartphone app, or some other piece of business software. A top Microsoft engineer says 'definitely possible' "It's a new Microsoft," engineer and Technical Fellow Mark Russinovich tells attendees at an open-source conference. The last item Solus Budgie requires 5. And, the synaptic manager let you control the Linux software. It's very user-friendly even compared to Windows whilst still being versatile and feature-rich enough to satisfy experienced techies. Windows vs Linux: Distros Before we begin, we need to address one of the more confusing aspects to the Linux platform. NET, a popular way of building online applications, and the hope is that this will expand the tool's reach. While for the desktop version it may not matter much to many, in the Enterprise segment this becomes important. There are also more specialised Linux flavours, such as distros that are designed to give ancient, low-powered computers a new lease of life, or super-secure distros that can be booted from a USB drive to keep you safe when using an unfamiliar PC. What's your take on the data? Was I too wordy?

And finally, a single Windows distribution. There are applications for almost every program you can think of. Along with the Office franchise, it generates the majority of the company's revenues. Whereas for Windows you have to pay!

And Android too. Despite this, these alternatives are more likely to be amateur efforts compared to Windows.

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Apple tops operating system, Microsoft application vulnerability chart