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Documentation and analysis of a running record lets us see where a child's ability to decode unfamiliar words, breaks down. Available for separate purchase—ideal for administrators and coaches who are supporting implementation of Units of Study.

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In the fifth and eighth grade assessments, students will study nonfiction research methods in reading workshop and research-based argument essay writing in writing workshop. Readers need opportunities to talk and sometimes to write in response to texts.

It provides teachers with the informaiton they need to reflect on the effectiveness of their teaching as well as the learning of their students.

Writing Pathways: Performance Assessments and Learning Progressions A powerful assessment system offering learning progressions, performance assessments, student checklists, rubrics, and leveled writing exemplars. The National Reading Panel strongly supports explicit instruction in comprehension strategies, suggesting that the teaching of even one comprehension strategy can lead to improved comprehension, and that teaching a repertoire of strategies can make an even larger difference National Reading Panel Online Resources - Spanish Translations Spanish translations of resources such as teaching points, anchor charts, and student self-assessment resources are provided, along with lists of Spanish-language mentor texts.

Above all, good teachers matter. Readers who are distracted or lack focus will not develop their reading skills at the same rate as readers who maintain their focus on the text they are reading.

Grade-Level Video Orientations In these video courses, Lucy Calkins and her colleagues provide an overview of the units along with tips and guidelines to help teachers get off to a good start. Does he or she think about the structure of the phrase or sentence and consider how the word might sound in the context of the story?

Pressley and his colleagues conducted research in balanced literacy, seeking out examples of exemplary teaching in the primary grades and studying the approach to instruction. Learners need teachers who demonstrate what it means to live richly literate lives, wearing a love of reading on their sleeves.

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Units of Study for Teaching Reading Grades K