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Nevertheless, the four found themselves singled out from the rest to serve as a warning for the rest of the townsfolk who were still engaged in immorality. Mother Shipton starved herself to death in order to give her ration to Piney. By freehanded back Toms money months earlier, Oakhursts question makes a devoted friend of Tom.

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Harte described the characters using familiar western types. The townsfolk exile the group and send them on the road to sandlike Bar, a mountain camp about a mean solar day of travel through rough, windy, and cold terrain.

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Then those Mages who were left concluded a peace. This is explicitly invoked by the narrator at the close of the story when the characters succumb to the blizzard: "all human stain, all trace of earthly travail, was hidden beneath the spotless mantle mercifully flung from above," says the narrator.

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Not only was this piece the first paper I have written for a writing studio, it also enabled me to release some of the frustrations I have with my generation.

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The Outcasts of Poker Flat: Study Guide