Understanding the national curriculum

Another ambition of the new curriculum is to make sure that pupils interested in new National Diplomas are given support and guidance near the end of Key Stage 4 at age 16to help them find a path that interests and motivates them.

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You have the right to withdraw your child from RE if you choose to do so. Key stage 1 KS1 At the end of KS1 year 2 pupil attainment is reported through teacher assessment judgements. In English there are separate levels for reading and writing, and it is common for children to be working at a higher level in reading than writing.

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Increased capability in the use of ICT promotes initiative and independent learning, with pupils being able to make informed judgements about when and where to use ICT to best effect, and to consider its implications for home and work both now and in the future.

However, once every two years, a nationally representative sample of schools participate in the science sampling tests, which provide a national picture of science attainment.

Children are assessed regularly, not just during SATs.

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By Sue Davison.

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Understanding the National Curriculum and Key Stages in England UK