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Our team specializes in various writing categories including but are not limited to health and fitness, technical gadgets and software, SEO and article marketing, online gaming, finance and economics, education and communication, travel and leisure, money and market, among others.

At Virtual Helperwe will supply you with a proficient and experienced content writer to take care of your site, blog posts, articles, or any other writing task you require.

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Instead, get more mileage by repurposing the content. If this is the case, you may need to be more specific when it comes to your requirements so the writing service can provide you the right person for the job.

Keep up the good work everyone and look forward to continued work with more VAs and the service in the future. Contents like blogs, articles, press releases, reviews, and other types help consumers learn more about your business.

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Content is the king when it comes to SEO and connecting with your audience through blogs, articles or feed that are well thought of is an added advantage that every brand must leverage.

Great daily comms and great looking sites.

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They consistently go above and beyond to make sure my staff has the training it needs. Elizabeth Tubbs I asked for a review of keywords for my specific industry and they were able to get it done. Spreaker Podcasts are effective, yet an extremely underrated way of delivering content to your audience. Virtual assistants are great at helping to drive a regular process for content promotion. Understand their strengths and weaknesses. Very easy and quick turn around to get someone working on your team. Kamalpreet Khorana Jassie, who did my Data Entry.. During the last few weeks The managers are always there and ready to assist you. The truth is creating content for the sake of pushing out a blog post on a regular schedule is probably not worth the effort or expense.

Research key points for a topic, providing you with a list of resources. This is another thing that is time-consuming though.

Virtual content writing assistance

Conversion from Visitors to Buyers For businesses, the most important aspect of their website or blog is to have all the visitors that come to site convert to buyers or potential buyers. I want to say excellent work! Wunderlist To get into the habit of planning your blogging activities well ahead is crucial. I'm more used to being a bit more independent and dealing with freelancers and particular deadlines instead of VAs and a weekly time. Khadija Paul The B. Expose your business to millions of users worldwide through search engine optimized content. Plus the design work by John Llorong has simply been outstanding!! Infographic Video Maker Infographics are hugely popular right now, not just because they offer easily digestible information in a visually pleasing form, but because their looks go along with the current trend of flat design in pretty much everything. Gene J Volpe My virtual helper has done everything I asked. The truth is creating content for the sake of pushing out a blog post on a regular schedule is probably not worth the effort or expense. For example, they might pull out snippets of content to create tweets or other social media posts. That said I was in no hurry for the articles and I did not request or ask for a delivery schedule.

That said there has been no major problems and everything has been very smooth.

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