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Vincent Rubino, who had previously been the syndicated Millionaire's supervising producer for its first two seasons, [41] served as that version's co-executive producer for the —05 season, [44] after which he was succeeded by Vieira herself, who continued to hold the title until her departure in sharing her position with Sirop for the —10 season.

Between andJellyvision produced five games based on the U. In celebrity editions, the round is not used; celebrities automatically take part in the main game.

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He now identifies as a fluent Welsh speaker, and has often used his language skills to promote and strengthen the language. In the next season —01three nights out of the five weekly episodes placed in the top Hosted by Christopher de Leonand produced by Viva Television[63] [64] it ran for two years before being axed.

The trial concluded with all three being found guilty and receiving suspended sentences. Music[ edit ] The musical score most commonly associated with the franchise was composed by father-and-son duo Keith and Matthew Strachan.

British game show Chris Tarrant was host of the original British version, from its debut in Septemberuntil its final episode in February Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

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